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VentaFax is a powerful fax and answering machine software with color fax support
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17 April 2008

Editor's review

VentaFax is a fax and answering machine application. It is capable of sending color fax. A PC with a fax modem can be turned into a answering machine with remote control and email integration.

Pros: VentaFax is an application that supports full featured fax reception and transmission as well as answering machine support. It features remote control and e-mail integration. Faxes and voice messages can be retrieved remotely from tone phones. E-mail messages and faxes can also be forwarded to another machine as e-mail attachments. It supports caller id and one click recording of a phone conversation.

Text to speech technology is supported that helps faxes and emails being read out on remote access. WAV files are used for announcements and getting messages and calls recorded. Distinctive ring tones also can be supported if the modem card on the machine supports it. Voice mail box and auto detection of fax/voice/data calls are supported. Access to the fax is via a virtual printer for all windows applications.

This business version of the software can support mass fax and voice mail broadcasting, making automatic sending of fax and voice messages to unlimited destination numbers. Multiple phone line support also is included.

The user interface is designed as a real life fax machine. This is surrounded by the menus and controls on top and a explorer like files tree on the left. The files include the announcement contents, log books and some functional tools like the scheduler, script editor and a message manager.

Cons: IP based faxing is not supported would have added real value to this high functionality fax program. Other than that no problems were noticed

Overall a fairly well designed and easy to use application, it is rated at 4 stars.

Publisher's description

VentaFax is a full-featured fax and answering machine software with color fax support. It sends and receives faxes and turns your PC with a fax modem into a versatile answering machine with remote control and email integration. You can retrieve your fax and voice messages from any touchtone phone and also have your email messages and faxes forwarded to you as email attachments. VentaFax also supports Caller ID (if available) and allows you to record a telephone conversation in one click.
The user interface is friendly and intuitive, resembling a regular fax machine with buttons and controls. It even shows you the image of a fax page travelling through this fax machine's slot as you transmit and receive faxes.
Ventafax is the one of a handful of software products that supports high-speed (up to 33600 bps) V34 Fax (Super G3) protocol. Ventafax also supports the TTS (Text-To-Speech) engines and will employ them to convert text files to speech. You can keep your announcements and outgoing voice messages as the sound (.WAV) files as well as the text files. Distinctive Ring service (if supported by your modem) is available even in Windows XP! Additional features include support for voice mailboxes, automatic voice/data/fax mode recognition and more. VentaFax is accessible from any Windows application, via a virtual printer driver.
Need unlimited automated message delivery? Need mass fax and voice mails broadcasting? Find this and even more in VentaFax Business version.
The Ventafax Business version expands the Home version's functionality with fax and voice messages broadcasting. You can automatically send a fax or voice message to as many destinations as you need. Need more? Multiline Business versions do their job using 2, 4 (up to 32) fax modems simultaneously.
VentaFax Business
VentaFax Business
Version 6.0
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i bought business version of ventafax program and after several emails to their support department to get the registration id to use the program, they never responded. Horrible people
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